Financing Services

Large Commercial Capital Project & International Funding

One Global Business Financing offers access to capital to commercial projects under the following programs, subject to availability:

Marigold Program

Debt & Equity Participation Funding available for worldwide projects in the following spaces: Large Hotels, Stadiums, Power Plants, Refineries, Data Centers, Solar Farms, Sky Scrapers and Large Condo Projects.

  • Rates start at 4.75% Fixed
  • No Broker Fees paid by the client
  • Can do up to 100% financing on "perfect" projects
  • Sweet spot is $300M+, but will consider $100M+ projects.
Submission Requirements:
  • Executive Summary
  • 10 Year Financials

If accepted, a call with the lender will be arranged. Limited broker participation accepted on these transactions.

Minnesota Program

This is a US and UK-based Merchant Bank that funds projects in the United States, Canada, Western Europe and the Caribbean.

Minimum request is $100,000,000 USD with no maximum.

Industry Focus includes:
  • Luxury Branded and Boutique Resorts & Hospitality projects
  • Entertainment projects
  • Mixed-Use Master Planned Communities
  • Clean Energy & Waste to Energy Projects
  • Oil & Gas Refining
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Precious Metals & Mining Projects
  • The Principals must be ready to demonstrate an investment or available investment of between 5% and 25% of the project value (i.e. money already spent or available to spend by the principals)
  • The project must have a minimum NOI of 15% of the total project costs, after stabilization, and including financing and interest reserve costs
  • The Application must include a Comprehensive Market and Financial Feasibility Study by an industry experienced and MAI accredited third-party appraisal and valuation firm.

The terms of lending will be via a Joint Venture with the funders, with percentages based on the project itself.

  • Up to $300,000 payable as a Retention Fee after approval, before processing
  • 2% Commitment Fee and 2% Transaction Fee from the proceeds of funding
  • 4% Fees paid from the proceeds of funding at closing.
Submission Requirements:
  • An Executive Summary and Financials summarizing the project
  • Proof of Funds for the Retention Fee and Equity Requirements
  • A Term Sheet, LOI and Commitment Letter from the lender will be issued in 3 - 5 days, and 5 days later, the Retention Fee and Equity Requirements are due.
  • Due Diligence takes up to 60 days and funding shall follow within forty-five days.
  • An engagement agreement for funding from OGBF will be issued just prior to that.